Speedy Glass Edmonton makes this customer very happy

I’ve made it a habit of blogging about great customer service and today I got in double measure.

We returned last night to Edmonton and when I got to the van the window had a long crack running from the passenger’s side of the van half way down over about 3 feet. It did not run from or was connected to any chips or other marks.  It just seemed to emerge while sitting in the parking lot.  I was hoping to get it repaired in the next week or two.

As well, I still had my snow tires on, and as I tried to find somewhere to have them removed and replaced with our all seasons…well it wasn’t going so well.. “a week Monday?”, “next Thursday?”.

As I was leaving one of the tire garages I realized that I was near Speedy Glass, where we had had the windshield replaced last year.   I decided to see if they would look at the problem.  Not only did Jim look at it, he remembered me – “we don’t get too many Salvation Army Officers in here” – and he had it replaced today.  When I asked if he was able to do my tires he suggested I check the garage next door…which I did.  They were willing to work with Jim and so they did.

I left the garage this afternoon with the windshield in (and upgraded) as well as the all season tires on.

So I give a big shout out to Speedy Glass 10515 – 103rd Avenue, Edmonton, AB T5J 4P7.  Well done!  

I believe good customer service showed be noticed and shared.


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