Block of the Month – Salsa Nights

Wendy’s post…

I’ve done several quilts using Block of the Month – through a store that has provided an efficient and economical method.  This isn’t true of all Block of the Month programs, many are quite expensive.

Block of the Month is a measured way to complete a quilt.  There are many offerings available from quilt shops and internet shops.  As the name indicates you complete one block of a quilt each month.  Several years ago I started the program with Along Came Quilting in Calgary.  On the third Saturday of each month, many of us would pick up our block kit containing the instructions and fabric to be completed for that month.  On the third Saturday of the following month, we would return with the completed block to show that we were keeping up with the program, then pick up the next block kit.  At the end of the year, we had 12 blocks that we could put together to create the quilt.  An earlier blog post entitled My Second Quilt features my first quilt titled Tropical Breeze was completed this way.

Another year I worked on Salsa Nights, there are a few blog posts that will feature some techniques I learned to complete (or almost complete) this one.

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