A stay-cation day

What do you do for vacation?  Go to Mexico, sit on the beach, enjoy the sun, soak up some rays?  Or do you own property in some interesting location – perhaps a time share in the Rockies?  Maybe you have a cabin somewhere with a roaring fireplace to cuddle up near with a good book in hand!

This week we are on vacation – a stay-cation!  No funds available presently for a warm weather get-away.

So for an exciting vacation activity today I went to Indigo…spent 2 hours reading lots of interesting books.  I’m intrigued by George W. Bush’s new book – interesting insights in the world of the President of the USA.  I also stumbled across a new book called JFK in His Own Words.  The photos are good, the articles very interesting but it also has reproductions of some his notes, letters from the President of the USSR etc…very very interesting.  I also spent some time looking at a book on the development of the Oil Industry in Alberta.  I’m not sure I would buy that one.

What really caught my attention was a good display of Kobo (an ebook reader).  They have what is called a quilt back – a rubberized textured backing.  It makes it easy to hold.  These ebook readers were selling for $400 not too long ago but prices have been falling.  The Kobo was $149…so I need to do some more research but I’m now interested.  Those books above are $40 -$50 each….what’s the electronic version cost? So that’s one of my stay-cation activities!

If you want to see a comparison visit Chad’s article in the Vancouver Sun.

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