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David – a man after God’s own heart who broke God’s heart

This was our last weekend at Pine Lake Camp.  Well at least for a while.  When I see the other Officers who were there who once farewelled from this Division – I wonder if we’ll ever be back.

What made this a good weekend?  Major Bruce Power’s teaching, great food, men in song, men joining in prayer, laughter, golf, good music, and as one man acknowledged…men of character.  Here’s a few photos from the weekend.

New siding and roof on the pool house

The very talented band

Men praying for their church

The fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much

Golfing between the rain drops

Dave, Eddie, me under the golf umbrella

Major Dr. Bruce Power teaching about David – a man after God’s own heart

Winter Weekend ends well.

Our Winter Weekend finished well today – the service this morning saw many good commitments from young and old alike.  It would be wonderful to tell the story behind some of these young people, but that’s not my place to do.  No they need to tell their own story in their own time.  At some point I hope that they will.

What I can tell you is that the faithful attention of parents and interested adults brings about spiritual results.  In every generation it would seem, God calls out the most unsuspecting individuals and strengthens them with His Spirit and grace.  I could see that happening this weekend.  It was wonderful to see – spiritual excitement!

But of course these “crisis” moments are just points along a longer journey.  They are like milestones that mark important decisions and of course decisions that change our destination and hopefully our character.   The development of character partially comes from what happens to us, but it is also what we let happen to us.  Facing diversity is part of character development as is hard work, dealing with difficult decisions and choosing well.

We are grateful for the adults who gave themselves to our weekend – some of whom are here…cooking, cleaning, serving, praying and being present.

Thank you friends!