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Ringo MBE turns 70

Ringo Starr turned 70 years of age today.  I asked one of the counselors at Pine Lake this morning if they knew who Ringo Starr was…a look of confusion was followed by a resounding NO.  Should I be surprised?

I was 7 years of age and I was just developing an awareness of radio…my parents were so poor (how poor were they) that we had a hole in the dash instead of a car radio and so we did all our making music as we drove about the country side singing our hearts out  I can’t ever remember us singing “she loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah…”  As I was saying I was  seven when I first about The Beatles….

That was the song that was being sung on the radio and my friends were talking about this new group called The Beatles.  I thought, as a 7 year old would, that that was a very strange name.  How about The Joy Strings?

Ringo, as most of  you know, was the popular if not somewhat goofy member of The Beatles.  He played percussion, and did do some leading vocals like “We all live in a Yellow Submarine”.  Songs like “Let it Be” never seemed right for him.  So he never attained the popularity of his singing mates…though he narrate the series Thomas the Tank Engine!  His real name is Richard Starkey and is a Member of the British Empire.

Happy Birthday Ringo!


Happy Birthday Cath!

A very happy birthday wish to Catherine – my youngest sister!  I was up at the Cottage with Nanny Eastland  in 1968 when she was born.  As the cottage had no phone each day we would take the boat across to Morrison’s General Store where we bought most of our ongoing supplies.  This day there was a message to call home collect.

The phone was a wooden one hanging on the wall and a handle on one side that you cranked to ring the operator…I know it sounds like something from 50 years previously….and then the operator phoned Hamilton to my parents where my Dad answered and told me I had a baby sister.

Well the years continue to click by and now Cath is a wife and mother….but best of all she’s my sister!  So we wish her the very best on her birthday and look forward to the day we live close enough to celebrate together.