What keeps us from being kinder

We saw a black bear at the side of the road today – it was, unfortunately, dead. Obviously hit by a vehicle! It seemed all the bad drivers were on the road – and today they were driving pick-up trucks.

The first fellow decided to pass us, double solid line, uphill! Just as we (he and us) reached the crest a car appeared from the other direction. I was certain he would hit the brakes and fall in behind us – oh no – he kept his foot to the floor. I hit our brakes went to the shoulder (paved fortunately) and the oncoming car went to his shoulder!

The guy in a hurray cut in front of us and zoomed off down the road.

A similar incident later with an oncoming pick up who caused the motorhome he was passing and us to go to the shoulder again.

Selfishness shows up in all forms.

What would happen if our “me first” culture was replaced with an “others” first culture? Imagine a world where your neighbours, workmates, even strangers sought to see you, consider your actions, needs…even worked towards making a world of kindness?

What if anger was replaced with forgiveness, selfishness by empathy, greed by generosity?

Would it be a better world? Then why don’t you and I start now?

What would keep you from starting? What would help you start?

Jesus said; “I did not come to condemn the world but that the world through me would be saved”.


BC Humming Bird

Try as I might I was unable to get a photo of the reported often seen humming bird.  Even after standing camera in hand at different times in different places – no luck!

Should I have got a photo it would have looked like this!

A few thoughts about us as a family and our interests.