Pine Lake 2010

Camp season has begun – Moms and Tots Camp has begun.  Even as I’m sitting here doing emails the buses are puling in and the campers are unloading their stuff.  While other campers bring sleeping bags and pop cans, these campers bring potties, strollers, play pens and disposable diapers.  A very different look this week.  Also of note were the Muslim ladies.

Last year we were able to open the new cabins – this year they are fully furnished and the grass has filled in nicely.  New this year is the playground.  We had a number of donors who generously made this possible.


Places of importance

We are back in one of my happy places…Pine Lake Camp.  And tonight it is quite quiet as this is the night before camp starts.  The entire camping season is now coming to life and though we are not enjoying the warm weather that other parts of the country are, we are still getting going.

The intention of our camping program is to separate people from their daily routines, give them time to reflect on the beauty of God’s creation and of course show people that God created them and desires deeply to demonstrate His love and mercy.

Yesterday was the 4th of July and thus a great celebration south of the 49th parallel…but when it comes to nationhood there is another group anxious to celebrate their independance – or is there?  In this article from the National Post the Governor General’s husband says the independence movement in Quebec is dead!  Let’s hope so.  We want to protect Canada from those who would destroy her.

So whether it is Pine Lake…or the entire nation of Canada do you have a place that is important to you?

Plans for your good

This was the installation of Jason Guy as the Ministry Director for St. Albert – I was thinking that Jason and I have known each other about 7 years now.  We are delighted that this appointment is now looked after and for that we are grateful to God.

This morning Jason spoke on Jeremiah 29:11 ” ‘For I know the plans I have for you’, declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future’ “.  We all want to know that there is a plan for our lives – a plan that includes good things; health, strength, joy, satisfaction and fulfillment.  Fun and wealth might be the first things that come to mind but when we sit and think about it, are those the things that really make life worth living?  That’s what God understands because he designed us with a need to feel that our life is counted for something greater than ourselves.  That’s why doing good to others, helping the less fortunate and working on something that brings value to the lives of others is so satisfying.

Our tendency is to be somewhat selfish…and that’s why selfishness isn’t rewarding.

I’ve been living without my eye patch for almost two weeks now, and the yellow tint in my left eye is now gone.  A number of people have shared with me their stories around a detached retina….stories of surgery gone wrong…those are stories they could keep to themselves.

A few thoughts about us as a family and our interests.