Down by the bay





When we awoke this morning we were in a bed & breakfast in St. John’s in The Battery area (for those of you who know the St. John’s area).  I must say the city continues to grow and improve and the changes are very significant.  I got some good photos last night and this morning that I thought I would post.


Hope and the lottery

So no one won the Big Max…or whatever it is called.  Sorry I’m not too knowledgeable about all the lottery titles.  What I do know is that there are more and more, and the prizes keep getting bigger.  In order for the prizes to get bigger lotteries need more losers.  Yup that’s right – more losers.

Of course people buy lottery tickets to be a winner – but the odds are you’ll be a loser.  In fact you would be further ahead to play the horses – at least there you can play the odds and study the history of the horses – not that I’m advocating gambling on horses.  Far from it.  What I advocate is investing your money in others.

Whether you donate to your church, a charity, give to a poor cousin, support your kid’s future.  The investment and payback will be far more satisfying.

In the meantime if you’re buying lottery tickets I guess I should thank you.  You’re keeping my taxes lower.

Got to look good

We’re getting our things ready for a week in Newfoundland.  Shirts washed and pressed, uniforms tidy, pants pressed, even a new suitcase.

Oh and one more thing.  A brand new black eye patch!  Got to look good.

The strawberry plants have green berries on them and should be turning red by the time we return as we’re finally getting some warm weather.

A final note – with the upgrades to blogspot Amanda too has made some changes – check it out.

A few thoughts about us as a family and our interests.