He’s seven

It seems like this is the time of the year for birthdays in our family. Today Fitz is seven years old – and he’s every bit the boy when it comes to what he enjoys. It has always been about cars – fast ones, orange ones, big ones, small ones – he loves his cars….

Celebrating Amanda

She’s smart, she’s kind, she’s a wonderful wife, a great mother, the kind of lady you want to know and have in your life! And that’s just the beginning. As we’ve gotten to know Amanda over the years, here is what we know. Yes, I could go on. Happy birthday Amanda – we love you!!

To be home

For at least the past decade, we have been somewhere in Canada leading the services for an Easter weekend. So it was a delight to be home this weekend – and what a weekend! The weather was spectacular, our friends came to visit, we had a lovely family dinner and I got some work done…