Retirement thoughts

I was to retire on August 1, 2022 but due to circumstances decided to continue for a year, and so as March opens, the date of August 1, 2023 is getting much closer. So I’ve been looking at resources, articles, and some videos. I found this video and I was very impressed Dr. Riley Moynes.

I would like to think I’ll move to phase 4 early, but we’ll see. There’s lots to discover in the coming months and years…

Music; I’m going to learn to play the concertina, I would like to teach our grandchildren to play an instrument, I’ll pick up my guitar to play at home again and I’ll think about how else to be engaged – we do have a garage band in the neighbourhood that has invited me to be play along.

Reading; too many books to list here. But I’ve got some good books to read, some writing to do too – maybe some of it here and I do enjoy – hopefully reading under the apple tree with a cup of coffee in hand.

Travel; well here’s where some money might be spent. We love California, have friends in Germany and Florida to visit and of course family in Ontario. So I see some travel in the future.

The House; where we live and breathe and have our being. There’s work to be done, boxes yet to be unpacked, and the garden! And let’s not forget about washing and waxing the van – I just love keeping a clean sparkling vehicle.

Hobbies; Wendy quilts, I will do my photography and develop my digital darkroom – lots of things we like to do including sometimes driving to a small town and looking in their shops. And I’m still interested in getting a drone for photography, and possibly buying an old car to work on – something out of the 1970’s.

Chaplain; it is my objective for us to be the caring people in our neighbourhood, to help others, and to be salt and light in this community.

Community; both the community of faith where we’ll get involved and the larger community. I’ve contacted our city counselor to see if there is a place to volunteer in the city structure…maybe nothing will come of that – we’ll see.

And then there are those who have chatted with me about doing some teaching or volunteering or providing some support in one way or another. Let’s see what arises.

Health of course is the issue – as long as we’re healthy we have options on how we spend our days. Only the Lord knows what lies before us, but we trust Him and will live one day at a time.

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