Start with a picture

I find at times that I want to start my blog with a picture. We are such an image society that we more naturally, or more comfortably, find ourselves drawn to an image to describe what we’re thinking.

I was at a mall in Toronto last week and the lights hanging from the ceiling of this monstrously high structure caused me to want to stop and capture something of the scale of this. We’re so used to these kinds of places now we forget how much this has changed. Stores in the early days were small, and were designed to make every square foot return on the investment. But when Malls came along they introduced the idea of making people feel like they were in the village square or the “high street”. They gave way to the idea that people could feel like the mall was a destination not just a theatre of retail.

Last evening, in pursuit of the final few Christmas gifts, and in spite of my having a toe that was quite unhappy to be walking so much, we headed to the cathedral of malls, the great West Edmonton Mall. Now before you shake your head and say “what were you thinking?” let me say that the crowds weren’t bad.

I’ll come back to that in a moment. I saw this great tree towering up to the domed glass roof from the upper floor and again thought I wanted to capture this beautiful feature because it really is quite spectacular. Imagine the time and cost to put this together? And this is in a less busy, quiet part of the mall.

Let me come back to people shopping for Christmas. We were looking for a particular book for Carlyle, and we did indeed find it at the mall but it was a bit more than we expected. So in a brief moment, I opened up my Amazon app, found the book, and discovered instead of $30 it was $23 and would be delivered this week. So perhaps that is why the malls are not quite as busy – stay home get a better price – drink coffee!

Last picture – last mall story. While at the mall in Toronto I ordered chicken tiki masla and wow was it good – the mango drink in the picture is yogurt based so that I could keep my mouth from catching on fire. But wow I enjoyed it and the naan bread was hot and delicious!

May your Christmas shopping be fruitful but most of all your days be filled with joy!

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