Community service

“Your church building should be a hub, not a club.”

That was the quote that caught me in our business leaders’ forum yesterday. A great presentation on the value of using our assets, particularly our buildings in reaching a community.

Here’s some ideas: offer it to local groups for annual meetings, to kids who don’t have homework space, or create a games room, or how about a warm place for people to meet ie. a “third space” which is the Starbucks strategy. And to civic groups who are looking for a gathering location.

What can you do in the parking lot for the community? The ideas are endless…

Be a hub not a club.

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  1. Susan Mayhew - United Real Estate: 571-283-1149 says:

    Well said, Fred. The church used to be the social and cultural hub of the community in which I grew up. The denominational ‘Us and Them’ silent turf wars were divisive and churches became less relevant as non- religious organizations filled the gap. Seeker friendly churches tended to focus on club-only activities and many churches were afraid that the spiritual component was at risk. Surely there’s a balance that can be achieved without sacrificing the Church’s primary mission – leading souls to Jesus. Sue For those in America…Happy Thanksgiving from Virginia!

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