Dear Tim Horton

You had a good idea. Coffee and donuts. It’s a quick snack, can sit and chat with a friend while enjoying and it’s not expensive. The offer of 18% cream made the coffee extra smooth and of course, the speed at which you offered up the treat was great.

But what has happened? You got rid of the dutchie – what were you thinking – and the long john and you’ve got things like sandwiches and bowls of… well whatever. And what happened to customer service? You keep getting my order wrong. You offer me things I don’t want.

We had a good thing going. I visited you most days – sometimes more than once a day. When I was out of the country I looked forward to a visit as soon as I got back.

But now? I rarely visit you. You never call. You don’t seem to know what I want anymore and worse, I tell you and you get it wrong.

Mr. Tim Horton. I’m very sorry but I think it’s over.

Good bye Mr. Horton

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