A Canadian Thanksgiving

Count your blessings name them one by one… that was the song we sang, used to sing it seems, as a reminder of God’s goodness.

Now in contrast, was the terrible chorus that we sang… God is so good… He’s so good to me. First of all, it makes our faith about “me” and it raises the question, is that the reason you think God is good? Because you perceive He has been good to you? Terrible theology, a terrible song.

Most of the blessings which I can name, and yes I am about to get to that, are people who I love or who have loved and blessed me.

So here goes and this list is not inclusive of everyone!

Let’s start with Mom and Dad. For the obvious reasons of course but beyond that for being encouragers and helpers in big and small ways. Too many to list here.

Wendy, who has impressed me from the first time we met. She is courageous and determined. She is always looking out for us, for me, for our family. She’s creative and smart and loving. She is quiet in the eyes of most but has a great sense of humour and adds spice to our life!

Family – my two sisters, my brother-in-law (they were more at one time), and their kids.

Speaking of kids – our kids. Jason and Philip. They are not like each other in any way except for this. They are both creative and smart. They are both well educated (they have worked hard – really hard) and they are raising wonderful families.

Amanda gets special mention here… she’s a wonderful Mom to her three kids, super supportive to Philp and I don’t know anyone who is more light and salt in their neighbourhood. She’s simply one of the most caring people I know.

From here the list spreads out – Doug Ward – is always interested in me and a wonderful encourager. Coley Jackson, Reg Broughton, Doug Burden, and just three who have played pivotal roles in my life. The list gets really long but I think of Derrick Hynes, Jonathan Landon, and Paul Goodyear as three people who have invested in me in ways that have helped really mature my leadership.

I am thankful for other things – our lovely home, good health, enough wealth to live comfortably but not frivolously, and a faith that holds me through the hardest times.

So there’s a bit of my blessings list.

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    A great blog Fred and I am thankful for you and your ability to let your light shine no matter the circumstances, I feel blessed with the family I have who love me and care about me as well

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