Great is Thy Faithfulness

Sunday morning was a very moving service for me. I have found myself very emotional returning to in-person worship. The richness of the music, the closeness of other believers, the sense of returning to something that was so missed….

If there was anything that I found hard in the days of the pandemic was the isolation in worship. Now I am willing to confess in the beginning I liked watching from the living room, in my slippers while sipping my coffee. But it was the corporate singing that I really missed. And I wondered as time wore on how I would feel about returning to what had been so familiar.

I even wondered if this was something, though without the extremes, of what the Children of Israel felt while in exile – “how could we sing in Babylon?”

Back to Sunday morning… here we were sitting in Edmonton Temple, singing great songs of praise, and surrounding Wendy and I were our three wonderful grandchildren and amazing Amanda! I was overwhelmed with joy, with thanksgiving, with the deepest sense of gratitude for all that we are experiencing and all that God has so generously provided. We cannot claim any blessing due to our character or service – God’s blessing is unexplainable to me.

We can only say thank you and praise to the Lord – the Almighty, the God of creation!

We sang this song and I offer to you to reflect upon it – God is faithful!

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    I know exactly how you felt, that was me the Sunday we went to Yorkminster and I was with a congregation for the first time in over 2 years and to be able to wear my uniform and enjoy the time of worship with other believers

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