Wild Weekend in Ottawa


After a week of meetings, we headed to Ottawa to spend some time with Jason and the kids. We had no idea what we were about to experience. Arriving after supper on Friday we looked for a day of bikes, parks, fun outside at the park, and some table games!

We were really enjoying the time with the kids and opportunity to reconnect after such a long time since seeing them before Christmas.

Then came the storm – we knew that we were to get thunderstorms and it was quite hot and humid but the warning became real as the sky darkened and the rain began pelting down.

Within minutes the road was overrun with water and cars were barred from making their way through the streets as falling trees blocked their way.

Later and the next day we were able to walk through the neighbourhood to see the dozens of large trees that were down from the winds and lightening.

can you see the light standard that was taken down with the tree?

The neighbours were out walking and we had many nice chats as people stopped to talk and tell us about their experiences. It was, to say the least, an interesting visit.

In the end, without power which meant no hot water, we had fun BBQing our food, playing board games and enjoying the outdoors.

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