Just about US!

Just me and Winston

We took a number of photos around Bermuda that were just of us…and I thought that it might be nice for the record, seeing that the chances of many more trips there is low, that I would post a few here. This one I loved because, well I have a fondness of things Churchill and it’s like he was looking at me out the window.

Wendy waiting for the ferry

I’ve collected a series of pictures over the years in our Google account which I’ve simply entitled “US”. It may look to you like just a bunch of pictures of the two of us, but we can tell when and where and often what special event was associated with it. Can you remember where you were and what you were doing in pictures of you down through the years? I bet you often can.

Lunch overlooking Hamilton Harbour

Here’s an example. We walked down from where we were staying and found this restaurant which we had never been to before and ate outside on the deck overlooking the harbour. This was our first day in Hamilton on this trip and John joined us.

new hat picture

Like this one? We had a gathering in this lovely cove and a bonfire – the wind was cool so we ended up huddled around the fire but it was a lovely evening and a great opportunity to meet our people on the island. You’ll see I had a new hat! I was starting to get a sunburn on my bald head!

stopping for lunch

I grabbed this quick shot after our ferry ride to St. George’s. I just love the bright colours of the buildings, they really make you feel uplifted! I’m not sure that my neighbours would like me to paint our house bright green or pink!

These pictures just remind me again how much I love being US!

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