Bermuda business

We will get back on the plane and head to Canada tomorrow. The scenery has been incredible, this is a beautiful island. I enjoy the people who are warm, gentle, and fun! They have energy for life, though the pace of life might be a wee bit more relaxed than in the cities of Canada. By the way, that’s not a bad thing!

This morning instead of driving across the island for our meetings, we took the ferry. What a lovely view as we headed to work!

The Hamilton harbour

It took us about 20 minutes and pulled into bay at Docklands – the west end where the cruise ships come in.

As we head home tomorrow it will be with many great memories from this good trip.

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  1. stanbeth says:

    Very nice. About 36 years ago or so when I was in culinary school in Moncton NB and my late father still a Presbyterian minister then he had a heart attack and never pastored full time again. Shortly after that friends who he was a Dr. and were on the mission field in Africa for years too my parents to Bermuda for a week long holiday. I don’t whether or not it still exists but there was a Christian Resort Wilbanks and that was where they stayed. Stan. It is so beautiful there.

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