Opening day

Wendy and I had two interesting experiences on Saturday. We went to the mall early to avoid the crowds, and since it was such a lovely day with blue sky and a temperature right on the freezing mark we were there early. We looked around a bit and Wendy bought a new top before we headed to the flower shop….it’s Valentine day soon…. and just as we were picking out what we wanted the alarm went off…a few minutes later the announcement came.

For the first time ever for us, we were evacuated out of the mall.

We were headed out when Wendy mentioned that a new restaurant was opening – Jerusalem Shwarma – locations only in Calgary but here was the first Edmonton location. We didn’t know exactly where it was, but we came across it easily (they have a great location) and low and behold there was a short line up outside. We decided to try it out…

Now the line up just kept getting longer and after standing in line for some time we got a couple of orders to take home.

It was really busy but they had a great staff working well to fill the orders… and the food was really fresh and tasty.

As we were standing in line for a bit they had someone pouring tea for those standing in line.

This was the first day – opening day – and the response was overwhelming.

The video is a bit loud, but it will give you an idea of the interior and the lineup which went out the door and down the parking lot. Good food attracts people.

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    Well that looks great and what good service to serve tea while you wait

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