Our latest investment

The amount of work that Philip has done to make our home a lovely, comfortable, and well-working home is immense. We will be forever indebted to him and Amanda for their kindness to us. And that’s the truth. We also have wanted to make other improvements to the house, the one sooner than later is the hot water tank.

When we got to pricing, we decided that it would be better to do the furnace at the same time. And, since we’re that far…well let’s add air conditioning for the comfort of summers.

We had 4 Seasons do that work and they’ve been terrific.

Luke and Richard served us well and did a great job of installation and cleaning up. The largest issue for us, as the prices of the materials are very similar, is the service. Another company offered us a service contract, but the salesman indicated that while they would service our new furnace they would prioritize those who paid a monthly fee for service….what? We buy the furnace but we aren’t your first concern? Seems weird. When I did the math they ended up being twice as expensive.

And then there’s that lovely piece of equipment out the back…mounted so that the moving earth doesn’t impact it, but with this small mechanical solution, we can have comfortable sleeps in the summer.

I didn’t seem like we needed AC when we lived here before….but the changing climate is affecting everyone and everything.

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