Happy birthday Jason

Rarely does a day go by that Wendy and I don’t talk about our family. In particular, we try to reach out to or hear from Jason, Philip, and Amanda.

Jason, as a single parent is always challenged to keep up the energy and effort for three kids. I do wish we were closer at times to help him. He’s done so very well and he’s a great Dad. He is caring, attentive, and works to their best daily experience. He gets them to the doctor, their hair cut, their school projects completed, getting them their vaccinations, to special events and even last year took them for a ride across the entire country to our house!

Today he celebrates his birthday and in saying happy birthday to him we wanted to celebrate what a great person he is, how well he does in providing for and caring for his kids.

Yes, we remember the day of his birth, and maybe more so the day we brought him home (and we couldn’t believe we were parents!).

Jason has many strengths which I could elaborate on but I will say we are pround of him, love our almost daily video calls, and seeing how he cares for his family.

Happy birthday Jason.

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    been thinking of Jason today as he celebrates, he has done so well and makes us all proud of his accomplishments

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