When it is cold outside

A number of our friends who live east of here have told me, that they see it’s cold out here. Yup – it is cold out here! It’s January and we’re on the prairies…it’s winter so they tell me.

But the white snow, the crunch under your feet (love that sound) and Alberta’s famous blue sky make it a winter wonderland in many ways. Yes it’s cold, but that’s okay.

looking west out the kitchen window
we dress for the weather

If you’re going to live on the prairies then you better have the clothes for it – and a big smile no matter the temperatures.

There’s beauty in the snow – the sparkle of the ice crystals, the white covering all that grey and brown and of course the contrast of colours! I love the decorations that Philip and Amanda hung on their tree for Christmas and how the snow stayed on it to add to the decoration!

So while minus 29 with a wind chill making it feel like minus 39 is not what you would want to go for a walk in, we have lots of reasons to admire the landscape and continue to enjoy leaving in Edmonton, here in the heart of winter.

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