Technology with a needle

Recently Wendy and I went to a store that she loves, and frankly, I always enjoy it as well. In fact a number of years ago the owner who had engaged me in a long conversation asked if I was interested in buying the business. Ahhh…no.

As we looked about I found this Singer – it is marked as from 1872! That’s 150 years ago and you’ll note if you look closely, you hand turn it on the right.

1872 Singer

I love these old machines and marvel at how they continue to run years later – it kind of makes you wonder if we build anything these days that will still be around and working in the year 2172!

Nearby was this machine, really a computer with a needle if you ask me – it’s huge and complicated with a built-in tablet.

The fact that these two machines were in such close proximity created that sense of contrast. Almost like putting a model T up against a Tesla. And then again I know people who have a Model T in their collection and will someone have a Tesla in their collection a hundred years from now?

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    wow that’s amazing to see that old machine and how efficient it is

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