Looking for a used doorknob?

A short update for those interested – there are a few interested people – right?

We have the hardware removed for the doors and they and the frames are now being painted white. I was thinking two, maybe three coats would be okay, but according to Phil we’re just getting going and yes, a light sanding in between gives us a better finish.

How nice it will be to see this completed – a major step forward in our renovation work. Have I mentiored how wonderful Phil and Amanda have been to us and with us. We are blessed to be near them.

This place looked like 1990 when we purchased but surely and slowly it is really being changed – it is being renewed and we are thrilled! This will be such a lovely home for the yrears ahead.

We’ve become painters…brown trim and doors and becoming a bright white giving the house a brigher look inside.

bottom of the basement stairs looking up to the landing

and with new LED lights throughout – thanks Phil – the house really has a different feel.

More updates to come!

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    It’s looking great so happy for you that Philip can do this to make your home so lovely for your retirement

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