Be kind to yourself

I’ve been loving this man’s music as I hear more of it… he has a real knack for saying and writing the words that resonate with me.

Life is hard. As my mother keeps saying, nothing is easy. I’m not sure that NOTHING is easy. Some things are easy….like making a cup of coffee, finding something to laugh at, looking at old pictures, and feeling the moment captured swell up in your throat….or ordering Chinese food! Call me I’ll give you the # to call.

But yes, the world can be hard. Hard to understand, hard to navigate, hard to take at times. And of course as we age we get weaker not stronger. Now I do think you can grow wiser if you pay attention but its clear to me not everyone does.

So being kind to yourself seems like a good word. As Andrew sings it is apparent who he is singing to, and wouldn’t it be good if every young person got to hear this message.

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