Smokey and cool

The past weekend was cool and smokey – very smokey – as the fires of BC brought us lots of smoke. So we’ve been indoors but then with all that needs to be done to settle in, we are indoors most of the time anyway. But yesterday I ventured out to take some cardboard to the recycling center – yes you can take it directly to several places around Edmonton – and while out filled up with gas and got a car wash…

With all the smoke and dry weather there was quite a bit of dust accumulating on the van. So it was nice to see it shiny white again…and then a quick trip home to tuck it into the garage!

Getting it into the garage was great because that means there is less stuff taking up that space too!

This is one of the things I was hoping we could have living in Edmonton – a garage and one connected to the house! Well be able to push the button, open the garage door and drive in when the weather is cold and snowy! Thank you Lord!

I noticed going through the car wash that the GPS had listed our elevation – so we’re 2273 feet above sea level…to compare Lake Ontario is 243 feet above sea level flowing east of course. Winnipeg is at 784 feet above sea level and Regina is just under 1900 feet above sea level.

This is a vast land…what is elevation of where you live?

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