The God in Negative Space


One in a while I post something here simply because I find its value to be so high that I am taken by the content and this is one. Dr. Stephen DeNuff was one of my teachers in my Masters program – and while I only had four classes with him I found him to be one of the most insightful men I have ever met.

So in the pandemic world I have been suddenly able to hear his sermons each week for months. This is not the only great and insightful sermon in those months but it is one I think which marks an important note in our day. He bases it on the story of Esther and, as he notes, this book of the Bible does not mention God or faith or the Law of Moses…it has no reference to what we might read in every other book of the Bible. Yet it has a lesson for us all in a day in which those of us who call ourselves children of God find ourselves dealing with people of power who know no respect or acknowledgement of God.

We live in a world where even Christians are now saying that “others faiths” have their own “truth” and have their place in this world… yes, we must give respect to all, those of faith and those of no faith – though I have come to belief that even those who say there is no God still have a life of faith – it is just a faith in self.

Take note, when you get to it… “and they say that which I wish to God they would say about us…”

So take a listen – if you like give me a comment below.

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    Wow what a powerful message thanks for sharing this yes I can see the present age in this story and the need to continue to pray

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