A lovely surprise

Aunt Joyce with Mom

My Mom is one of five girls – she’s the middle child (a topic unto its own to be discussed at another time) and the youngest of the girls is Joyce. Ethel is her first name but yes I would likely go be Joyce too (though I’m not a girl so why would my mother call me Ethel?).

Joyce is pictured above during a visit to New Brunswick many years ago – somewhere in the 60’s I would imagine. Joyce is a kind lady and often doing things to be thoughtful. I think I had a card from her on every special occasion all through my childhood.

I was the ring bearer for her wedding to Ray and I remember being struck by the fact that at 21 she was 14 years older than me – a difference I have tracked with every since. I went to live with Joyce and Ray in 1974 when my folks were sent to Newfoundland and for a year I benefited from their kindness. I wish I could say I was as appreciative as I should have been but youthfulness has a way of putting its foot into a teenagers mouth. No redo there, but they continued to be as gracious as ever.

So it was a surprise, but perhaps it should not have been to receive in the mail yesterday a card from Joyce and Ray. Here’s a quick look even as I say thank you to two kind and loving people. My Aunt Joyce and Uncle Ray.

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    How nice yes Joyce is very thoughtful and rarely misses anyone’s special days glad she had your new address as well

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