On it’s way…

Yesterday was loading day for our move and Paul (our driver) and his wonderful crew were early, well organized and very efficient. It was a delight to have them serve us, and they really did. They handled our stuff well and were kind and attentive. So well done Canada Movers.

watching the work

We’ve moved a lot over the years and to know this is our last move and for the first time we are really ones in control. We have chosen Edmonton (not easily) and bought a home. We are in the process of setting up what we hope will be our home for the next chapter of our lives.

It is always interesting to see your things of value loaded on to a truck. The boxes are filled with two kinds of valuable items. The first is those things which would cost us something to replace, the second and more valuable are those things which can’t be replaced. If packing takes time, it is because of these last things – I just can’t put them in a box without holding them, looking again and talking about what I remember and then, with a smile, put it in the box.

Hardwood floors in the truck!

I was called by the driver Paul, to let me know that in picking up his previous load he was not going to have room for all our things. So, and this was a bit embarrassing, we had two trucks show up at the same time to pick up our things.

Truck #2

The interesting thing about truck #2 is that he’s on his way to Anchorage Alaska (do you really need to put Alaska after Anchorage?) and must be ready to pick up an outward bound load on June 30th. He told me it’s 8000 km to Anchorage. He’ll stop off in Edmonton

When he opened up the back of the second truck he had a Honda loaded on the bottom and our things were then loaded on top! Last two items on were our bikes!

When they were almost done, the last thing to do was to load the ramps, blankets, equipment on to the first truck which had been parked down the street… so here’s a small video of that fun piece of driving AND the final few seconds you’ll see Ruby – a beautiful British Bull Dog who was as lovely and cuddly as you can imagine.

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    Oh wow those trucks are huge can’t imagine driving one of those all the way to Alaska

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