Messengers of Grace

This morning I watched over the producer’s shoulder (aka Wendy) as the Messengers of Grace were commissioned. The service is taped for re-broadcast tomorrow, and good thing too because right at the end of the broadcast we lost the feed from Winnipeg. Oh boy – pandemic mode!

At any rate it turned out just fine though it did take some technical mastery.

The thrilling part for us was watching Amy. She was quite young when she started attending with her Dad and eventually her Dad and Alison!! (An October wedding filled with love)

Amy went off to get her BSW and today was commissioned a Salvation Army officer. AND….here’s the great part….was chosen by her peers to represent them in the service. She did a great job and here’s the screen capture – you’ll get to see it soon too. She referred to them as the Messengers of Zoom. Yes, it’s been that kind of journey. They had only begun when the pandemic came reigning down on us.

Now they are going off to be Salvation Army officers. They won’t lead the largest churches in town, and they won’t likely be the most senior clergy in the community, but they will hold a unique place among the leaders of the community. They will be the ones who get called to help at the most difficult moments and they will likely have a high profile in the eyes of community leaders and they will have the national branding work of the organization behind them.

I digress – her’s Amy in her uniform with Lieutenants trim – and she spoke very very well.

As she’s been appointed to Edmonton and we’ll be seeing her very soon!

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