Buying a house for the first time

We were thrilled with the work of Jeff Taylor, our realtor, who helped us find our home. He was curteous, quick to respond to questions and inquiries and always easy to talk to. He took us through the whole process with good explanation and due diligence. Hard to believe that at in our 60’s we are buying our first home, but we are.

If you’re thinking of buying your first home you can take advantage of the Home Buyers Plan that the federal government administers. This allowed us to use our RRSPs to make the down payment and so all those $25 and $50 contributions down through the years really did pay off. Yes, we have to pay ourselves back, but we’re paying ourselves back not anyone else.

We used the money we had been saving for our first home to fund our way through training to be Salvation Army officers. So we spent those assets long time ago.

As well, we will be close to Philip and Amanda, and that in itself will be a great advantage to us, both physically and emotionally through the coming years. The three kids will grow up having grandma and grandpa nearby. Something I didn’t have but Wendy did. She spent lots of time with her Grandma!

As we get the house ready for our time to move in Philip continues to do lots of work to make it just right. He’s getting ready to paint and Wendy and I have chosen Repose Gray as our main colour. We’ll do some accent walls later, but right now that’s the main colour with white trim and casings.

Repose Gray

As well, Philip is going to sand the hard wood floors and re-stain. There is lots of evidence of damage from a wheelchair or walker on the walls and floors.

We are now in the process of choosing the stain for the floors! We think it may be walnut. We look forward to walking on it in a few weeks!

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    so exciting for you but I will miss you

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