The Salvation Army 1922

The date of 1929 is a significant one for TSA. It was the year that a leadership crisis arose in International Leadership. It’s not the only crisis in leadership we’ve had, but it was one that was especially serious as The Army was quite young and it placed the Booth family in conflict with the organization which had become synonymous.

Seven years before that TSA was at work in Canada, slowly working it’s way across the country mostly in corps work, but hosptials, maternity homes, prison work, schools, industrial training…the list goes on. TSA in Canada was actually divided in two, with the west headquartered out of Winnipeg and including Alaska and the east headquartered out of Toronto and including Newfoundland which was yet to join Canada and Bermuda.

Here’s a short video of the disposition of forces I had a copy of from 1922. Enjoy – questions and comments welcomed.

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    Fred: the house we lived in when we were the DY’s in Winnipeg had been the Chief Secretary’s house for the Western Territory of Canada so you know how old it was a very interesting video

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