Short update

It’s been a few days since my last post. Lots going on for us as a couple, putting plans in place towards our eventual retirement, investigating options for a place to call home, and adding up numbers to see if it all works. Stay tuned.

I’ve been praying for Philip as the health care system is under stress in Edmonton – such hard times for so many. We are hearing of more people dying from Covid these days as the pandemic roars on. I’m flabbergasted by seeing those who have travelled during the holidays, those who have decided to gather with friends, or larger groups of family. The risks associated are large and seemingly out of balance with the benefits of being with others.

The hospitals are full and yet new cases are emerging from the result of those gatherings. I was on a call this morning with some health officials who are bracing for a bad February and March and expecting that 2021 will be a Covid year. So while things will improve, it isn’t going to be for a while = that’s my take.

And yet, this time of trouble I am confident of God’s presence in our lives, His provision for us, and for the way He continues to use His Church.

The LORD is MY shepherd…

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