It’s election day USA

Well, it is finally here. I’ve been impressed by leaders like Ed Stetzer and Jim Cymbala who have been calling on faith leaders to keep Jesus the focus, not political leaders or parties. That’s not true to the Gospel.

The 15th amendment gave the right to vote to US citizens no matter their colour, but though this was passed in 1870, it remains a challenge to this day. It is essentially the fight of the 1960s and events like Selma.

I’m no historian nor an expert in civil rights or movements like Black Lives Matter. My journey is one of building awareness, checking my own self awareness and prejudicial thoughts and actions. We carry with us history and culture that we just assume is the norm… but it isn’t the same for all.

I recently sat down with a Black man, probably ten years my junior, to talk about what it’s like to live here, now. It was quite enlightening and I walked away feeling that we need, I need more of these kinds of discussions.

I had stopped him one day, in the early days of the pandemic to ask him how he was doing. George Floyd had just been killed by the police and unrest was bubbling up everywhere. I asked him if he and his family felt safe, if he was being impacted by the racial tension so apparent in the streets. From that question, he asked if we could meet and talk more. So one day we sat down for an hour and he talked to me about his life – Jamacian heritage, born in the UK, really not knowing where his family came from, or what their last name should be. It was fascinating.

We’re going to do it again and invite in a couple of other people. Sometimes change comes through large events, like elections or marches or protests. Sometimes it comes through small one on one conversations.

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    very interesting Fred, that would be helpful to have that kind of conversation during these difficult days

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