The Salvation Army 1924

A wonderful friend sent me a box of collected photographs, folders, posters and several other notable matters to be sent to the archives. I opened up the package yesterday to discover some real treasures!

This was in the package – and interestingly dated Nov. 1, 1924, exactly ninety six years ago. You’ll see that Canada was divided into to two territories. The west came under the Canada West and Alaska Territory and headquarters is listed at the corner of Portage and Carleton in Winnipeg. The cover was in rather poor condition, but you can tell by the caption it is of General Booth’s tour of the west several years before (Booth died in 1912).

The other thing of note is that the territorial commander, is a Lt. Commissioner – a rank not used any more.

When we were younger officers, we had a retired officer in the division who was a Lt. Commissioner. I think he had served in India years before.

You may be interested to know that Nov 1, 1924 was also the date that the Boston Bruins and the Montreal Maroons joined the NHL. The Bruins were the first USA based hockey team to join the NHL. And you could buy a Model T Ford for $265!

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