Here’s a bit of technology from the past. It was what was on the wall at the General Store by the cottage. It’s what I called my Dad on to find out that Catherine had been born in 1968.

I sometimes wonder what our technology our grandchildren will identify with their youth and what will replace it? Do you ever notice how technology very quietly it impacts our lives?  Seatbelts were a new technology that came to the automobile when I was a kid – now we have airbags, surround sound, heated seats, and steering wheels!

Imagine how different this pandemic is from the Spanish Flu of 1918 because of technology.  Ordering online, streaming music and movies, being able to talk on video to others. Even figuring out where food and supplies are – much has been done by technology!

The water hand pump

This piece of technology was part of my summer experience at the cottage – this is how we got the water for us to drink and cook with! I can still see myself going out the side door of the cottage, down the three steps to the water pump by the side of the cottage. I thought it was great fun to be asked to get a pail of water.

Wendy and I have been receiving video calls from our grandchildren – a reality that was just a dream not that many years ago.

Isn’t technology changing! But at the end of the day, it is a joy to be with people. We look forward to the coming day of being able to actually be comfortable around others.


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