Vacation on wheels

Camping 001

Behold our attempt at camping with a baby …. few pictures exist but we rented this trailer from folks we knew. It was quaint and warm at night and we had a relatively good time, though we went in early summer and didn’t have the best weather. It was in a seasonal site not too far from where we lived.  When I look at the pictures now I laugh for the trailer was surely not level which would affect sleeping, water drainage, sewage drainage, propane lines… it’s just not a good set up. But the folks were kind to us as they knew we had almost no money.

Jason camping 004

We did decide to go camping again…


This was our second attempt at camping – a small Class C motorhome! It belonged to relatives and we were thrilled when we asked if we could borrow it and they said yes. I soon learned how expensive these are to drive – and so we didn’t go far. We stumbled across a lovely campground with lots of sand and lovely swimming conditions. We only did a week but it was great.


The boys were a bit older and they really enjoyed the experience…we were soon running summer camps and our holidays had to take a different look.

2004-08-07 18.58.45

A few years later and with some help from Wendy’s grandmother we managed to get our own tent trailer. It was a simple 10-foot box. No refrigerator, no bathroom, no hot water heater, not even a furnace. But our beds were up off the ground, we were dry at night and we enjoyed campfires, playing games around the table and cooking and eating outdoors. This picture is actually from a vacation in 2004 when we were living in Calgary but vacationing in BC. This was one of our favourite spots to go and we returned often.


This photo is an earlier one than the one above and shows us camping in eastern Ontario with our late-night campfire, roasting marshmallows.


One of the reasons we had a small, light tent trailer was because we only had a small car with a small engine. But here we are loading up, in Ottawa, with the car top carrier and tent trailer about to head out. You can see JR, our dog, sitting by the back of the car – he always came with us and seemed to enjoy camping!

2009 07 25_1012

Eventually, we moved up in vehicles and we were able to get a larger trailer – this blog was named after we bought our hybrid trailer. Hybrid, for as below, it has ends like a tent trailer but was a travel trailer.  We thought we had landed in the lap of luxury with a bathroom – shower, sink, toilet – a fridge, stove, furnace, air conditioning, etc. The picture above is in Montana, we stopped at this pull off as it looked down by the river – it was gorgeous. I ran up the hill a bit to get this picture of the van pulling the trailer – you can see Wendy by the rail.  Below was one of our destinations – we were just north of Yellowstone National Park and stopped in Boseman and Billings – two great KOA campgrounds!

2009 07 30_0962

Having a trailer has truly been one of our real joys over the years – we loved cooking and eating, being outdoors and I have to say, there’s nothing more enjoyable than a good cup of coffee under the awning of the trailer!

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