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The family vacation revisited

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Wendy and I have been doing some dreaming – part of it comes from days gone by, and some from what we always hoped would be the opportunity to have family vacations together when our kids were grown, married and had their own kids.  The slide show above shows you a taste of one of our vacations.  You can see that Phil and Jason were young – and we were at Sandbanks Provincial Park with a tent trailer.  I should add, we had a Chev Cavalier with a 4 cylinder 1.6-litre engine pulling that trailer with us and all out stuff.  It always did better downhill.

These were great days. We sure didn’t have much money but we had the trailer and we always ate well. Wendy was the master of easy to make, but delicious meals!

Of course, the boys loved being outdoors and near the water and with some books, a few good games and our handy eat-in tent, we were usually set to enjoy a couple of weeks in “the wild”.

Years later we moved up to the Hybrid trailer but we did enjoy these days.

Now we wonder – will we, in retirement, get to do something similar with the grandchildren?


A long week made better

On December 30th I awoke with the realization that my sight in my right eye was not quite as it had been, and having already had a detached retina decided to get to the eye doctor….what insued was a very long and painful day!

First I went to Sunnybrook Hospital…spent 30 minutes at the eye clinic then was sent to emergency….where I spent about 5 hours….then I was sent back to the eye clinic to sit for another 90 minutes…then after being seen was sent to St. Mike’s downtown (as there were no surgeons at Sunnybrook due to the holidays) !

Some work on my eye was done that night I arrived home about 11 pm to sit/lay with my head facing down until 2 am when I was allowed to turn my head as to lay on my left side.

I was so sore and tired by the time that was over I thought I would sleep for a week…but no back to the hospital for them to check out how I was doing….

Can I say I think we should avoid hospitals!

On the good news side I can see and the retina is securely reattached.

What made my week however was a call from PHIL to say he and CARLYLE were coming to visit – to cheer me up and help me get better.  What a great week it has been with them around the house. We’ve had some great chats, had opportunity to see some family – been able to just relax together – been able to pull out some toys stored downstairs that belonged to Phil when he was little – and as Phil says, we’ve had a bit of down memory lane as we’ve played with Carlyle.

If only Amanda could have joined them – that would have made it perfect…but she’s just gone back to work so couldn’t fly down.  But we’ll have another chance!

So in this week….

Some lessons learned?  Of course – go to the doctor as soon as you sense something is not right – don’t hesitate.  Don’t get sick over the holidays….that’s a big one. And if you have to recuperate at home having a 2 year old granddaughter nearby is a sure fire way to get back on your feet with joy!

I’m back at it…and loving the thought of good health.