Another quilting project

Wendy the quilter is at it again.  I just LOVE watching her turn pieces of fabric into a work of art. And I love to see the joy that it brings her, even though in the midst of cutting, trimming, joining, stitching I sometimes hear the “sigh” which means something didn’t go quite right.

I really admire people who can create something – and Wendy’s really good at it! She’s done small projects – little sleeping bags for dolls, lap quilts, wall hangings, table runners, and huge quilts! She’s working on a new one for Carlyle – who recently told her “Grandma I think I need a new quilt, my feet stick out now.”  So it’s coming – getting closer each weekend.

But in the meantime, Wendy pulled out this project and finished it up!

I think it looks great.




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