Sean Willem van Gulik III

When we were the corps officers at Ottawa Citadel we had a number of folks who had come to Canada in the 1950s after World War 2 from Holland.  One of those families were the van Guliks. They all seemed to have remarkable talents – music, math, science, construction, computers… I was often enthralled to see what they could accomplish.

Sean, was John and Joanne’s son and was just a little kid during our time. His dark curly hair and high energy always marked his arrival in the building.  I’ve seen Sean growing up through the years and his involvement in territorial music events has let us see him from time to time. He’s been going through university for music performance and his talent is evident.

In the past few weeks, his videos have been showing up with some very interesting video effects where he plays a number of instruments, obviously taping the tracks and video separately and then merging them into one final product. Very high quality of performance, audio recording and the final video production. Impressive!

At any rate, turn up the volume, sit back and enjoy!


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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    that is amazing what a talented young man

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