Great memories

The wonderful thing about photographs is that they freeze, at it were, moments in time. Last night I found a few photos that really sparked a memory for me. In particular is this photo. Wendy, Leanne, and Jason are sitting outside a cottage that Leanne had rented for a holiday. We all met there to spend some time together.

Wendy and I with the boys lived in Calgary after many years living near family in southern Ontario. Now we were far away and so with tent trailer in tow we had driven across the country to have time together. The summer was warm and sunny and we were really enjoying our vacation.


Our time at the cottage though was unsettling. First, of all Dad had been found to have a small tumor in his lungs and he was clearly troubled. While we were alone he talked about what might be coming and how facing a harder struggle or preparing to die might be necessary. I countered that optimism and faith were preferred. How foolish on my part.

The other unsettling part, at least to me, was that it was clear he wasn’t quite himself. He had always been a big fan of boats and water yet when given the opportunity to head out in the water he preferred to remain as the picture has him, sitting on the deck.

This was the last time we were all together as in September a tumor in the brain was found and by late October, days before his 72nd birthday, he went to be with the Lord.

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