Being a parent

I had an email just this week from a friend whose son was in a serious ATV accident.  I’m not sure of all the details but the dad ended up in the ambulance with his son who was unconscious and in distress.  The good news is the son is now conscious but will be a bit recovering from the accident. The bad news might be that the dad will take some time to get over his own trauma.

I was telling him about the day that Phil fell when we were out on Mt. Lady McDonald.  As Phil fell my heart seemingly paused as did my breathing as I tried in vain to stop his fall.  As Phil fell out of sight I remember thinking the worst….he’s dead, or his neck or back is broken….and there’s no one near to help.  I never dream about it – maybe he does – but I do find myself developing a cold chill when I think about it (like right now).

That’s a long time ago now, but it’s still pretty fresh in my memory.

I can sometimes imagine the Lord feeling the pain of our decisions and consequences – by design or default – and having the same kind of sense that He would like to rescue us, and of course many people feel God should rescue us.  It goes with the argument, if God really cared…. but of course if God didn’t let us feel consequence we wouldn’t learn, and we would not be able to enjoy the pleasure (and pain) of free will.

There’s not much most of us really think is of value apart from what we can hold in our hand – but surely free will is one of the great thrills.

To quote Philip: “Being an adult rocks!”…as he eats desert for breakfast!

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