Happy birthday Leanne

For some reason this post didn’t publish as it was suppose to yesterday…so a belated Happy Birthday Leanne comes from me.

My post of October 31 gives some indication of how I feel about my sister…her arrival being heralded in a most unusual fashion…a phone call…but then how else do you get the news that what you’ve hoped and prayed for is about to happen!  I have wondered about the people who made those calls – it was another day – but surely it must have been a great joy to tell a hopeful Mom or Dad that a child, very much hoped for and desired, was going to be coming to join their family?

Leanne, the years have rolled by and you have demonstrated many gifts – you have a fabulous memory are smart as a whip, have singing and acting talents, can cook and create, have raised two wonderful children (that in itself is enough) and how you find yourself another year older.

Congratulations on this and many other milestones and while this has been a challenging year, this I have known since you arrived at 4 months, you are always up for the challenge!

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