October’s end

It seems to me that there are many references on this blog to the fleet footed-ness of time.  Of course time keeps it’s steady pace and perhaps the steadiness of it is what is really we observe.  The trees will rest through the winter, we’ll close our eyes for a nap, even God rested….but time never pauses.

So we are at the end of another month.  We turn the calendar page again and the month of November is before us.  November has always been a month of transition for me.  It’s time to prepare for Christmas, make sure that the house, car and ourselves are ready for winter weather and of course it’s time to think about what will happen in the new year!

December seems a merry month but not so November – it’s more about duty.

November does bring my sister’s birthday.  Leanne is 10 years younger than me and I shall never forget her arrival.  She was 4 months old when she arrived at our house.  I was ectastic – I’m sure my folks were nervous!  I don’t remember thinking about what she might need – for me it was all about celebration!  I had wanted a brother or sister for a long time (or a puppy but that’s another story) and finally God was granting my prayer.

Leanne lives in Florida, has two wonderful children, and still holds a special place in my heart.  We don’t see her much.  Her trips to Canada seem far between and few, but she is always on my mind and as we approach her birthday I’ll be thinking about the February day she arrived at 204 Bond Street in Hamilton with her tiny frame, dark eyes and strong will.

So let’s get ready to change the calendar.

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