How are we doing without cable?

It’s been 2 weeks, not long, but we are enjoying that we have a good internet service and have not found we are missing cable.  We have been enjoying Netflix – and wow can I blow away an hour watching old shows! So that needs to be watched.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

1.  it’s not just about the money, we have been able to watch what we want
2.  we find that we’re not frustrated by seeing all the things we don’t want to watch
3.  there are still some technology issues – dropped service or needing to restart the modem
4.  it’s amazing just how much stuff is on line now
5.  we should have done this months ago
6.  our deciding to leave the traditional model of cable has encouraged others to follow suit
7.  it’s surprising to discover that the picture quality is superior when using an hd antenna
8.  it’s surprising what you can and cannot get on an hd antenna
9.  the next tv will have wireless capactiy

I’ll be back giving further updates in the future and talking about using an hd antenna!

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