Rachel goes to Wee Choir

It was a great day in St. John’s as we begin our visit to St. John’s Citadel and spend time with the kids.  We went to visit St. John’s Citadel’s family night and see some of the activities that take place there.  Jason and Rachel decided to join us and Rachel tried out Wee Choir – which starts at 3 years of age.  She’ll be eligible in September to attend.

She seemed to enjoy a bit of time there and I got some cute video which I can’t really put here because it has other kids in it but it was darn cute!

Ted and Beth continue to grow and develop and they are far more attentive now.  You can see their personalities emerging.  I am struck at how much Beth resembles Rachel at her age – or at least in my recollection.

Here’s Wendy, Jason and Rachel going into the Citadel.

And even as I’m typing this I can hear Rachel walking about saying ” O man! ” in an exasperated tone!  I wonder what’s up.


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