Samsung Kies

This past week I was attempting to set up my Samsung Note 8 to play video to a screen.  I bought the adaptor for the tablet but when I tried to connect to the screen at the office my Samsung told me I needed to install Kies – a Samsung software.  So I did.

After that several of my apps would not open including Amazon Kindle – and I’m reading a great book right now, Team of Rivals!

At any rate after searching Google and Samsung sites for help I came to the conclusion that I needed to reset my tablet to factory settings.  So here’s the wonderful thing about Google, as soon as I restarted my tablet, because it is tied into my gmail account, it began downloading the apps, photos and applications that I had had on the tablet earlier.  And so even though it wiped clean my tablet Google did most of the re-installation for me.

Of course I have to re-install Lotus Notes but all the rest is taken care of.

So here’s my warning – stay away from Samsung Kies!


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