Book Review – change your questions change your life

Marilee Adams’ book is a classic.  Her insight into how we think about challenges, people and our own opinions opens new doors to building teams and specifically to create effective outcomes in our work.  I enjoyed the book and found the novel setting to be easy to read.

I’ve been collecting good questions – profound questions – for they are the avenue to good answers – profound answers!

In her encouragement to learn she points out that assuming you already have the answers or that you have nothing new to learn puts you in a weaker position that assuming you don’t have all the answers.  In other words assuming that you have something new to learn allows you to be in a position of finding new data, new positions – new opportunities!

This position of desiring to learn, of believing that you can grow in leadership is the fulcrum of the concept.  Take the learning path…not the judging path to be able to grow in leadership and develop a better position for improved team performance.

I’ve been using this premise in some of the teaching I’m doing and am going to introduce this book to our team in due course.

While a book written in novel form does have it’s weakness (they always turn out well), it does allow you to envision team discussions.

I would recommend it as a good read.

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