Predictions for 2013

Last December, on the 31st I wrote a review of 2011 and that post entitled 2011 in Review ended with this:
Finally…my predictions for 2012
  • Prince William and Lady Kate will announce that she’s pregnant…
  • The Federal NDP will pick a leader who will live to regret ever wanting to step into Jack Layton’s shoes
  • President Obama will win a second term with a new theme…No we can’t!
  • Canada will see a renewed interest in maple syrup exports
  • The price of gas will continue to go up as our dollar weakens…watch for a 90 cent loonie!
  • Fred & Wendy will visit Alberta to see Philip and Amanda!
So as you can see, I did get three right, maybe four depending on how you think Tom Mulcair feels about where he’s ended up.  I was way off on the 90 cent Loonie as of today it still sits above par.  However with a strengthening US economy and our’s a weakening economy perhaps my predictions for the next year will be better.
So wondering what my 2013 predicitons are?  Have I got you on the edge of your seat?  Is your pen and paper ready?
Here goes.

My predictions for 2013
  • Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge will give have a baby girl and name her Diana
  • The price of gasoline will rebound and by mid August be at $100 + for a barrel of oil…though I still haven’t gotten into the habit of buying my oil in bulk
  • Wendy and I will have a Florida holiday
  • The NHL will have no labour disputes in the 2013-14 season but attendance will be down by 20%
  • The Provincial government of Ontario will continue to escalate into maddness and an election will be held
  • Mayor Rob Ford will be re-elected in a by-election but will soon after be ticketed by the police for texting and driving
  • RIM will find itself in a good year but Microsoft will have a very,very good year
  • and finally….my predictions call for me to be in my present appointment this time next year!

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