The Old Neighbourhood

Recently Wendy and I took a drive to see her brother Wayne and his family in Mississauga.  That city isn’t very far from us  –  it was less than 40 km to there however like most things in this part of Canada it isn’t distance but traffic that keeps us occupied.  The millions of cars on the road simply make getting from one side to another a potentially slow process and always it seems a guess on the time required.

But I digress.

Bottom floor – far right

Mississauga is where Wendy lived when we met in late ’77 and where I moved (from Scarborough where ironically we live today).  So when we visited Wayne we took some time to visit our old stomping ground.  Wendy and moved into the area with her Mom and Adele after their Dad had left.  It wasn’t an easy time for the family and I was trying to find my way forward too, never telling my parents just how poor I was or how hard things really were.  Somehow I thought they had enough things to worry about with adding me to the mix and I had also come to the conclusion that I should be looking after myself.

I digress.

So on December 22 we drove up and down the streets of the neighbourhood.  Some areas seemed untouched others bore no resemblance to how we remembered things.  The area has changed and is much more up scale than when we lived there which I put down to being ahead of our time!

I suppose more than anything I was struck with the distance between then and now.  We were in our early 20’s finding our way forward in the world. We had little money and our future seemed unclear – we simply couldn’t seem to see how we would ever be able to make a go of it in a city where housing was so expensive and the time required to simply travel to work and back took all our energy.  God’s call upon our life was clear and in that too we were trying to find our way forward.  We really needed good influences on our thinking and planning.  And there were some great people around us.

So as we drove about we were thinking of them too.  Some of them have gone to be with Jesus now but they are not forgotten.

This is where we began dating – where we were married – where we began our trek towards officership.  So while it might have seemed like we were driving around a neighbourhood we were really driving down memory lane!  And what a great drive!

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